Bagala Traditional Owners

The Bagala TOs are a Jawoyn clan group who are the
recognised land owners of the Barunga and Wugularr
communities, located on the Beswick Aboriginal Land Trust.
Bagala TOs are defined as the patrilineal descendants of the
Lamjorroc, Bulumbara, Moreen and Anderson ancestors.
The rights of TOs are legally recognised under the Aboriginal
Land Rights (Northern Territory) Act 1976 (the Act). The Act
states that TOs have ‘primary spiritual responsibility’ and are the
key decision makers for the land which they own.

Traditional Ownership is passed down through generations from
TOs to their children. Cultural protocol dictates seniority and
authority among TOs based on factors such as age, gender and
family groups.
TO groups are also supported by ‘Jungayi’. Jungayi are the
traditional ‘land managers’ charged with ensuring that TOs and
visitors are caring for Country appropriately. Jungayi are also
determined by family relationships being the children of female

The Bagala Traditional Owners are:

  • Veronica Moreen
  • Demitrious Anderson
  • John Anderson
  • Seamus Anderson
  • Dayleen White
  • Tyler Anderson
  • Stephen Anderson
  • Tamika Anderson
  • Gwyn Bulumbara
  • Symeon Bulumbara
  • Charlane Bulumbara

  • B Bulumbara (dec) (and children)
  • Raelene Bulumbara (and children)
  • Esther Bulumbara (and children)
  • Crystal Bulumbara (and children)
  • Joyce Bulumbara (and children)
  • Ambrose Bulumbara
  • Aileen Bulumbara
  • Megan Bulumbara
  • Lauren Bulumbara
  • Damien Bulumbara

The current senior Bagala Jungayi are:

  • Nell Brown
  • Simon Brown

Bagala Aboriginal Corporation

BAC was formally established by the Bagala TOs in 2014 to support community members by reducing disadvantage, providing employment opportunities and improving health and wellbeing. Currently Aboriginal Investment Group supports BAC by providing administrative and backend support to their operations including the Bagala Store and Bagala Bus. The BAC Board of Directors consists of between four and eight
directors at any given time with at least four of the directors required to be TOs. This board composition ensures BAC continues to empower and represent the views of the Bagala TOs. For these reasons, BAC will be utilised as the operational corporation responsible for delivering on several actions throughout this TODM Agreement on behalf of the Bagala TOs.
The current BAC directors are:

  • Esther Bulumbara (Chairperson)
  • Charlane Bulumbara
  • Crystal Bulumbara
  • Raelene Bulumbara
  • Braun Bush
  • Danielle Bush
  • Trephina Bush
  • Nell Brown