This Traditional Owners Decision Making Agreement supports the aspirations and vision of the Bagala TOs to create economic growth, opportunity and independence, enabling the progress of the Barunga and Wugularr communities and their residents.

Statement from senior TO:
We as the Bagala Traditional Owners are excited to have finalised this agreement with our partners from the NTG, NLC, NIAA, JAAC and RGRC. This agreement supports our vision and will also grow our organisation to be financially strong and independent. Our goals are designed to facilitate this independence and grow our capacity for the future, to deliver larger projects and better outcomes in our communities.

– Esther Bulumbara

Implementation Plan

There are four strategic priorities identified for the IP 2022-2025. These strategies have been developed through engagement and consultation with LDM Partners and in alignment with the
Bagala TOs priorities and vision. The IP commences 7 December 2022 and expires 7 December 2025. Following this plan parties should meet again to formalise a new IP. Responsibilities for the execution of specific actions are outlined within the IP.

Monitoring and Evaluation

The IP will be an evolving document and through regular engagement between the partners will be assessed and updated as required. Partners commit to meet and formally review the execution of the IP annually.

This review process will allow the partners to:
I. Report on the progress of actions and to work together to address any emerging barriers to successful implementation.
II. Measure and report on key socio-economic outcomes.
III. Agree on any changes within the IP to reflect changing priorities, addressing emerging opportunities or issues and/or alternative approaches which may be required; and
IV. Ensure communities continue to be informed of the IP
and any successful outcomes are profiled.

Economic Development

Health and Community Wellbeing

Infrastructure and Housing

Culture and Heritage